English as a Second Language Review and Level Determination Course

por Sharon Shappley Categorías: INGLÉS
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Acerca de este curso

Embark on a English as a Second Language

Tailoring English Proficiency to Diverse Audiences

Join a comprehensive journey to enhance your proficiency in English as a Second Language, covering speaking, reading, and writing. Our dynamic course caters to a diverse audience, ranging from 6th-grade students to accomplished Doctoral graduates. It offers an inclusive and adaptable learning experience, meeting the unique needs of learners at different educational stages.

Thoughtfully Structured Curriculum

Within this curriculum, participants access a diverse array of resources and materials meticulously curated to facilitate a thorough review of key language components. These include vocabulary enrichment, pronunciation refinement, phonetic mastery, grammatical nuances, and advanced skills in writing and reading comprehension. The course commences with a comprehensive assessment to gauge your current language proficiency, enabling pinpointing specific areas for improvement.

Strategic Learning Sessions

Dedicated sessions strategically review and reinforce foundational concepts, ensuring participants establish a robust linguistic base before progressing to more advanced language skills. Engaging exercises, interactive lessons, and real-world applications are seamlessly integrated to provide a well-rounded learning experience that not only expands linguistic capabilities but also hones practical communication skills.

Personalized Learning Trajectory

Upon successful completion, a final assessment gauges your language proficiency level. Subsequently, you seamlessly transition into a course aligned with your demonstrated proficiency, ensuring a personalized learning trajectory that caters to your specific requirements. Progress is contingent upon a commitment to consistent study habits, and our flexible approach accommodates your availability and study time.

Holistic Language Learning Program

This “English as a Second Language” program, rooted in a learner-centric philosophy, extends beyond the mere acquisition of language skills. It fosters the development of effective study habits, encouraging participants to adopt a sustainable approach to language learning that aligns with their schedule and individual learning style. Join us on this transformative language-learning odyssey, where your advancement is not just a testament to our commitment but also a reflection of your dedication to mastering the intricacies of the English language.

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¿Qué aprenderás?

  • What will I learn? What ESL level are you now? To what level do you want to climb?
  • • Learn to communicate better in English.
  • • Learn the vocabulary necessary for your specific needs and desired level.
  • • Review your first test and assist in the creation of a study plan.
  • • Practice speaking in English and review your assignments.
  • • Learn grammar rules and appropriate writing in English.
  • • Practice reading in English and work on reading comprehension.

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