An education to consolidate.

I was wandering through one of the corridors of the university, from which it had been announced that student works derived from a particular career would be exhibited, materialized in pictures, paintings, … until something that stopped me dead, for which I had to breathe deeply, calmly, visualizing a mannequin covered in toilet paper, allowing a glimpse of it with its erect member.

The teacher was not far away, when he saw me as an authority, he immediately approached, being the opportune moment to ask him the meaning or rather what he wanted to express.

We engaged in a somewhat semi-extensive conversation about whether, in the absence of an explanation of their own, which is usually established in museums, art galleries, I suggested to the teacher that he remove it, not far from there were students associated by one sex (males). ) with mocking laughter indicating the exaggerated dimension of the penis and the blushing girls, where they commented in a low voice, who knows.

Why remove it? Various reasons: 1. Absence of information on the works, authors, meaning; 2. A society not prepared to understand or misunderstand; where time immediately proved me right: parents calling, whose concern was extreme, how the institution was going to allow pornographic, erotic manifestations!

The teacher – perhaps with the best intentions, but according to my criteria, somewhat lacking in measuring the impact of his work in the face of a society not sufficiently prepared for it, archaic, sexist, even with a possible double standard -, got annoyed, He took his cell phone and started recording me… without comment (which didn’t come out, but I didn’t care either; I thought he was right).

Not for nothing if we were referring to audiovisual media, it is common for warning messages to be indicated prior to the material before what he is going to observe; or for parents to select – censor what their children can see or not with a simple click.

What efforts are made in this regard by institutions, parents, and society to educate children, youth, and adults on the level of sexuality today?

But before giving an answer – where there will possibly be a lot of ‘fabric to cut’ – let’s go back a bit to recent history: half of the last century (50-65), parents who took their children to lose their virginity or first sexual intercourse! to a brothel, “…son there you will become a real man!”

The boy in question 14 years old (obviously underage, accompanied by a cousin who was 15), with the best clothes to come out of him. What did he learn? Seeing a naked woman on a bunk, who had earned her salary in no time, realizing that she was looking at a “first-timer” and her friends in the hallway mocking the catalyzed “macho” minor, in whose corner the father was waiting for him, with a bottle of beer, to celebrate being an adult.

Of course a first class coming from a father, possibly with a low level of education, but if educated from previous generations: the male and below waiting: the woman.

With the exception that the house was sacred, the problem to solve was man – man (sorry), man – minor.

At that time, for one reason or another (beliefs, traditions, etc.) the role of women was to give children to men, without anticipating economic, housing, etc.)

Apparently a total absence of Sex Education, understood as “High-quality teaching and learning process about a wide variety of issues related to sexuality and reproductive health, where values and beliefs related to these issues are explored, whose usefulness is help people obtain the necessary tools to manage their relationship with themselves, their partners, communities, and with their own sexual health”

There is no doubt, what I previously commented “…a lot of cloth to cut”, we will continue…

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