A ‘super soft’ director

There is no doubt that a person who occupies the responsibility of directing – that is to say, ‘Making a moving thing advance in a certain direction without deviating’ – will have to ensure that ‘that thing’ advances, develops, grows and does not die. .

And what about deviating? I would say, modifying the previous meaning somewhat, that if necessary on the basis of trial and error and with a lot of consensus and own decision -for which he must assume full responsibility-, “we’ll go this way”

Occupying the position, the position of director, is not so easy, since the person was anyone from the point of view of training or not (was he born to direct? Was he the best graduate in the director training course?)

A born ‘director’, who shows from a young age the quality that everyone follows him, due to various factors: he defends his friends, the one who wins in the game, but also loses and recognizes it, the one who helps his fellow students in class and after it; the one who takes the class notes to the one or the one who missed class…; but that he also had support from his parents, who guided him, who demanded of him, who taught him that in order to become (Note: no, to do. I hope I don’t make any spelling mistakes, which I miss very often to avoid that the ‘muse is leaving me’, although it is not a justification…, but…), is to act with a number of qualities such as respect, disinterested collaboration, listening, tolerance… and, I stop, forgive dear readers, perhaps all These, which I call qualities, are not soft skills?

Personally – excuse me for quoting myself – my parents did not have the option of ‘stepping on’ a junior high school, much less a university, which if they did pass it was because the bus (bus) passed in front of the steps of the same, however , when demanding me, they seemed rectors, “that is not done, you should have… you are punished…”

And, what if the future director does not demonstrate his qualities from the beginning, that is, ‘he was not born’ with them?; those of us who are teachers, possibly have a developed sense, which is that of acuity[1], of seeing within our student body, those who ‘detach’ from the rest because they stand out in the study, who demonstrate maturity without diminishing their participation in jokes and games that are the product of their age, that when they make a mistake they assume responsibility for the mistake made, that they are honest, simple, humble (where they do not flaunt their virtues, whatever their social background) and we take these young people in a balanced way as examples to follow, with measured acknowledgments.

That ‘potential director’ concludes the university (although not everyone can reach it), technical career, courses,…, although regardless of the ‘training path’ he comes to occupy the responsibility of director, where he must be an oversaturated person – term used in Chemistry[2]-, that to establish an analogy, the solute would be the soft skills and the solvent the hard skills.

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